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Intuitive checklist maker for building powerful mobile inspection checklists

iAuditor Checklist Maker

Create a variety of checklists that you can use on your mobile device anytime, anywhere

A checklist maker or checklist creator is a tool used by inspectors, auditors, or business owners to create a reliable and readable checklist that can be used during audits, assessments or evaluations. iAuditor checklist maker is a digital and easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require programming skills to create a checklist. It empowers employees and designated inspectors to conduct regular inspections using any mobile devices.

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Create checklists and convert paper forms to digital templates

iAuditor's easy to use drag-and-drop smartform builder lets you create complex templates and perform inspections of different types for just about every industry. Incorporate advanced logic into your template so it only shows relevant fields based on your responses. Use smart-scan to automatically convert your paper checklist into our digital format in seconds.

Capture the right data with different response types and multimedia features

Add powerful multimedia features to your inspection checklist including photo capture, electronic signatures, barcode scanners, bluetooth thermometers, drawing tools, and more. Create reusable response sets and custom scoring to capture consistent and accurate data. Setup your checklists to capture the right data and view your results conveniently on an online dashboard.

Generate and share reports instantly; no more manual data entry

With iAuditor as your checklist builder, you can instantly generate and share reports after finishing an inspection or an audit. Set automatic sharing on so completed inspections are automatically forwarded to supervisors and managers. Automate your workflow to help prevent errors and streamline your process.

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The Benefits of Using the iAuditor Checklist Maker

Go completely paperless

Revolutionize the way you create your checklists, forms, and templates. Get rid of paper checklists as it can pose a problem in the long run when it comes to storage and record-keeping. iAuditor online checklist maker ensures that all inspection records are safe and secure by automatically saving them to the cloud, providing authorized personnel with easy access wherever they are. They can also filter the data by location, time, department, employees, and sites and access the information they need in seconds.

Streamline your workflow

The iAuditor checklist builder automatically rolls out template updates to all users, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and inspections and audits are always standardized. Set inspection schedules and personnel will receive reminders and push notifications so you never miss an audit.

Integrate with BI Tools

iAuditor can be integrated with business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online, to automate your workflow each time a form is completed. Sign up today and download a free checklist maker!

iAuditor Checklist Maker Features

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