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iAuditor Mystery Shopper App & Software

Conduct mystery shopping surveys with a Mystery Shopper App

The iAuditor mystery shopper app (or secret shopper app) is a digital tool used by secret shoppers to discretely observe and gather information from a retail store. This mystery shopping software is used by different industries such as hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets to secretly identify process loopholes, opportunities for improvement, and assess store compliance.
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Mystery Shopper for Mobile and Paperless Secret Shopping

Secret shoppers can discreetly use iAuditor on mobile devices to take notes and photos for your reports. Capture and annotate as many photos as needed. Get proof that secret shoppers were at their assigned location with GPS tracking of surveys performed onsite. Create your own mystery shopper checklists or get started with our best practice free templates.

Works Offline with Instant Reporting Anytime Anywhere

Conveniently generate mystery shopping reports (Web, PDF, CSV, etc.) and submit with the touch of a button. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, iAuditor can be used even if your device is offline. Once back online, iAuditor syncs with the cloud and all the information collected are automatically uploaded to the cloud. No more manual follow-ups with individual secret shoppers from multiple locations on different assignments. Managers automatically receive reports of completed assignments.


Deep Dive Into Secret Shoppers’ Collected Information

One of the most powerful features of iAuditor you can use to make sense of the information collected by your mystery shoppers. Observe answer trends and view the images taken from multiple observations. Set the date ranges, filter the results, view results based on location. You have control over what you want to see.

Why Choose iAuditor as Your Mystery Shopping App?

Mystery shopping apps can be used to conduct audits from a handheld device, making it easier to record information covertly. Get started by downloading the iAuditor mobile app for free. Learn more about how iAuditor can be used as your mystery shopping app:

iAuditor Mystery Shopping App Additional Features

  • Scheduling and Notifications

    Stay on schedule with iAuditor! Mystery shoppers will receive notifications on shopping windows and due dates. Managers receive automatic notifications if certain triggers are activated by specific answers on mystery shopping forms.

  • Seamless Integration

    Using multiple systems? No problem. iAuditor can seamlessly work with other systems you currently use through API integration.

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