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iAuditor as PPE Management App

Reduce Exposure to Health and Safety Hazards

A PPE management app is a mobile platform that enables employers and employees to discuss and perform PPE (personal protective equipment) maintenance. As part of an organization’s safety program, a PPE management app can also function as a digital hazard assessment tool.
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Why Choose the iAuditor Management App?

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is more than just a mobile inspection app or checklist creator; it is a digital tool that will help your business streamline workflows, standardize processes, and solve logistics problems by doing away with paper inspection records and saving your data in the cloud. You can do all this and more using a single mobile app.
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Assess the Need for PPEs

Using iAuditor as a PPE management app, you can easily identify the type of PPE required for certain tasks. Since the purpose of PPE is to reduce employee exposure to hazards, it’s necessary to first perform hazard assessments before enforcing PPE use. SafetyCulture’s Public Library contains multiple hazard assessment templates, both general and specialized (for high-risk or hazardous environments), that are free to download and use. With iAuditor, determining whether or not PPE is the most appropriate control measure for the job, and if so, what type and how many, is simple and hassle-free.

Proactively address non-conformance

Keep PPEs in Good Condition

iAuditor as PPE management app can help you maintain your PPEs so that they last a long time and remain as effective as they were when newly purchased. This can be achieved through conducting regular inspections where employees can snap a photo of any defects in the PPE and even annotate it to ensure that whoever reads the inspection report immediately knows where the problem is. For common issues, iAuditor allows you to create multiple choice response sets, making it more convenient for employees to check their PPEs. Not conducting regular PPE maintenance can lead to employees wearing damaged or ineffective PPE, which could lead to serious health risks.

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Manage PPE Inventory

Using iAuditor as a PPE management app, you can track the number of usable PPEs by asking employees in the field to input the PPE count daily, as well as find out why some PPEs are no longer fit for use. With real-time data syncing, iAuditor ensures that you’re always updated on what exactly your employees need to get the job done. Even employees working in areas with no internet connection can still conduct PPE inspections offline and then synchronize data once internet connection is available. Web and PDF reports are also automatically generated each time a PPE inspection is completed, allowing employees to get back to their work as soon as possible with no time wasted on typing up reports manually.

How iAuditor Helps Protect Employees 

Though some may not even entertain the thought of using an app to check and manage PPEs, the reality is that PPEs are often crucial to the health and safety of workers, especially in the absence of other controls. With PPEs having the capability to prevent accidents and even infection, employers should pay due diligence to their proper care and maintenance. Here are some ways businesses can use a PPE management app to further protect employees from harm:

Schedule Regular PPE Inspections

Without an app, it can be difficult to constantly remind employees to check their PPEs, more so when you can’t be there in person. With a PPE management app, you can assign scheduled PPE inspections to employees, who will receive a notification once it’s time to conduct the inspection. Additionally, if an employee misses an inspection, it will show up in the organization’s missed/late inspections tab. This heightens employee accountability for the safety of their PPEs while still providing employers the data visibility they need to manage PPE use.

Create and Assign Corrective Actions

Once a problem has been identified, employers can use a PPE management app to immediately create corrective actions and assign them to the relevant personnel. Without an app, solving a problem that’s occurring in the field while you’re still miles away from the site is tricky and can get stressful very quickly, considering that the safety of employees is primarily the employer’s responsibility. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the PPEs, you can still use the actions feature to collaborate with employees and managers in further strengthening the effectiveness of your organization’s PPE program.

Beyond PPE: How to Make the Workplace Safer

While the importance of PPE in worker protection should not be taken for granted, PPE alone is not enough. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or NIOSH, PPE is merely the last level of defense. There are other effective ways of controlling exposure to hazards that work complementary to PPE, such as elimination (removing hazards), substitution (replacing hazards), engineering control (isolating people from hazards), and administrative control (changing procedures). 

The reason why people advocate the use of PPEs is that, at times, removing or replacing a hazard isn’t feasible. This dilemma is especially prevalent in the construction industry where high-risk construction work (HRCW) is part of the job. In the case of COVID-19, while putting cities in lockdown is a form of engineering control, it is still not entirely possible to isolate everyone from the coronavirus. In other words, it’s a hazard that cannot, as yet, be contained.

Employers should not solely rely on PPEs to keep their employees safe. With iAuditor by SafetyCulture, organizations can work together in forming a comprehensive safety program that takes into account the hazards present and the controls available.

iAuditor PPE Management App Features

  • Smart Forms

    Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper forms into digital checklists

  • Inspections

    Conduct PPE inspections from anywhere, at any time with iAuditor as a PPE management app

  • Fast Reporting

    Automatically generated PPE inspection reports help solve problems quicker

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your PPE inspection data into actionable insights

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate the boring stuff—from scheduling inspections to report delivery

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