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A risk register software serves as an online central monitoring hub for operational risks, including information such as probability, impact, and mitigating actions. It enables managers to have a strong oversight of their operations by providing them insights on how to keep it running as smooth and safe as possible. With iAuditor, you’ll have one of the best risk management tools in the world. As a web and mobile solution, it provides you the opportunity to collaborate with your staff and develop a risk register that allows you to be the master of your operational risks.

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Foster collaboration with the power of mobile technology

In a matter of minutes, you can convert existing paper safety reporting forms into digital ones and begin empowering your staff to perform risk assessments right in the palm of their hands. With iAuditor’s risk register software, it’s now possible to encourage employees from all levels of the organization to take part in your risk management initiatives.

Leave spreadsheets behind

With the iAuditor risk register software, you can take out the guesswork from building your risk log and leave behind spreadsheets for good. Data from completed digital checklists are pushed and organized to your web dashboard. This dashboard provides you an overview of all reports, risk levels, history of corrective actions, and their status.

Keep track of deadlines with automated workflows

Staying on top of deadlines for corrective actions is crucial in managing risks. Use the risk register software to simplify your workflow and automate triggers, such as action assignments, SMS and email notifications, and report deliveries. You can also integrate iAuditor with your existing business systems to amplify insights.

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How Can a Risk Register Software Become Your Solution for Collaborative Risk Management?

Risk management is paramount to a well managed organization. Its ultimate objective is to preserve human life and physical assets by considering all risks and keeping their levels as low as possible. Smart company leaders don’t sit back and expect that everything will run just fine. They utilize risk logs or risk registers to ensure that risks associated with their operation’s everyday activities are taken into account, analyzed, and proactively addressed.
However, many managers often take on all the work of building their organization’s risk register. While management of the risk register is part of their key duties, isolation impedes a shared sense of responsibility in risk management—an organizational function that works best with collaboration.In a 2017 PWC survey on risk management, 13% of respondent organizations were already practicing collaborative risk management from the frontlines, with 46% already planning to do the same. According to the respondents, the clear reason for the decision to involve the frontline is that it helps them improve anticipation and mitigation of risk. It’s a key move to support them for the long-term survival of the organization.
As evidenced by the survey, collaborative risk management is a vital strategic decision to help future-proof your organization. A mechanism should be present that will empower employees from all levels of the organization to take part in everyday risk management and help reinforce accountability and ownership. Through iAuditor, one of the best risk management tools in the world, firms can rely on a powerful risk register tool to transform their risk management program into one that fosters collaboration and engagement with the entire organization.


Here are 5 highlights of the iAuditor risk register software which can help you implement a solution that can foster collaborative risk management in your organization:

Simple to install

To enable on-the-go reporting, users can easily download the iAuditor risk register software for FREE from the iOS and Google Play stores and use it for free via the web app. With intuitive mobile apps, they won’t have to go back to their desks. Instead, they can just pull out their mobile devices to report and perform initial risk assessment for hazards or incidents they have seen.

Customizable digital risk assessment checklists

Through iAuditor’s simple drag-and-drop template builder, you can easily deploy digital risk assessment checklists which can be customized to make it easier for your team to report risks. You can attach reference notes and images that can assist risk register app users in completing report forms that are as comprehensive as possible.

Offline inspections

No Internet connection? No problem. You can still use iAuditor to capture data from the point of risk and it will automatically sync to the cloud when there’s an available internet connection.

Automated workflow capabilities

The iAuditor risk register software helps support and streamline your risk management process by helping your users save time and effort through automation of manual actions. Deliver instant email notifications when assigning corrective actions and readily send auto-generated, comprehensive, CEO-ready reports right after an audit. With iAuditor, you can turn raw data into insightful information via a configurable dashboard that provides you 360-degree visibility of critical risks and related trends.

Convenient sharing

Risk Registers are generally shared between stakeholders, allowing other leaders to be kept aware of issues and providing a means of tracking the response to said issues. With the risk register software, it will be more convenient to continue this culture of collaboration as organizations can access and study the same central web dashboard. They can easily work together and communicate suggestions on the best corrective actions for issues reported in real time.


Keeping track of reported risks and their respective countermeasures is vital in ensuring an effective risk management program. You need to keep every action in check to prevent catastrophic impact to your operations. In light of this, equipping your team with technology that helps accelerate the business while also adhering to strict inspection standards is crucial.
Try the iAuditor risk register software for free and see how it can help you build a collaborative culture and make sure you are on top of it all—every time.

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