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Safety Hazard Reporting Software

Never Miss Incidents Again

A safety hazard reporting software is a digital inspection tool used in workplaces that are vulnerable to risks. It aims to provide real-time data on incident reports that can improve and maintain overall safety of workers and people within the vicinity.
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Why Choose the iAuditor Reporting Software?

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is an award winning mobile safety hazard reporting and checklist app. Safety hazard reporting is made easy with its user-friendly and straightforward interface. Empower your workers to not only report incidents when they happen but to also take accountable actions toward their prevention.

Improve Visibility

To improve visibility, every worker that is equipped with a mobile device can conduct safety hazard inspections using the iAuditor app. Specific time and place is recorded during the inspection and the worker can include their own detailed descriptions of the situation. Upload media files such as photos of broken equipment and non-compliant work areas easily using safety hazard reporting software.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes with iAuditor QMS Software

Fast-track Corrective Action

Everyone can view the safety report’s progress and be alerted of imminent danger or incidents that occured and also be notified of safety hazards. This allows for immediate corrective action that can prevent future accidents and other risks.

Keep Everyone on the Same Digital Page

With a safety hazard reporting software, inspection data is automatically synced to the cloud and made available for everyone in the organization. The web version also features analytics and insights, where failed items during safety inspections are highlighted so they can be prioritized. Another key advantage of a mobile app is that, in the case of unfinished inspections, anyone can pick up where another left off and conduct the inspection on their own device.

Why Should You Use A Safety Hazard Reporting Software?

A safety hazard reporting software aims to provide workers and safety officers an easier way to conduct and collect inspection reports. This allows the people in the organization to:

Take Appropriate Action and Be Accountable

One of the main challenges in reporting safety hazards and incidents is the additional paperwork required that also adds up to the waiting time for repairs. A software solution will eliminate the hassle of paper-based safety hazard reports and lessen the time it takes to get approval. Consequently, it also empowers employees to immediately report hazards and cultivates a culture of safety within the organization. 

Keep Every Report on Record

Workers know they have to regularly do inspections but are all those inspections recorded? If not, this could lead to missed hazards that could lead to otherwise avoidable incidents. Improve your worksite awareness and increase the accuracy of hazard reporting with iAuditor. The iAuditor intuitive mobile app saves every inspection conducted to the cloud, whether it’s complete or not. It also features  mobile notifications for safety hazards and other issues that need immediate attention.

Prevent Incidents

Lessen future safety risks by regularly conducting hazard inspections with iAuditor. It contains thousands of customizable templates that your organization can use for incident reporting and prevention, conducting equipment maintenance, ensuring workplace safety, and more.

Mitigate Risks

Along with preventing risk, it’s also important to address safety hazards the moment they are reported. The iAuditor app allows accurate description of the hazard or situation by allowing users to add notes, location, time, and photos. Conveniently, failed items are displayed at the top of the inspection report so that workers can quickly take action.

Create a Culture of Safety in the Workplace with iAuditor

With a lot of safety hazards present in the worksite especially now, comes the need for a reliable safety hazards reporting software. Help employees identify risks and empower them to report and take action with the use of iAuditor. Discover more of what the iAuditor Safety Hazard Reporting App can offer below.

iAuditor Safety Hazard Reporting Software Features

  • Smart Checklists

    Create unlimited smart checklists and convert your existing paper forms to digital checklists.

  • Collaborative Actions

    Assign collaborative actions from anywhere, at any time with the iAuditor Safety Hazard Reporting Software.

  • Fast Reporting

    Detailed induction reports help issues get solved quicker.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your data into actionable insights.

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor with business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate the boring stuff—from scheduling to report delivery.

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