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iAuditor Safety Induction Software

What is Safety Induction Software?

Safety induction software is a powerful tool for site managers or safety officers to use when training new field workers. In high-risk working environments, not addressing hazards and incidents properly can be fatal. With a safety induction software, anyone can begin their journey towards working safely, regardless of where they are in the world.
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Why Choose iAuditor's Software?

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is more than just a mobile inspection app or checklist creator; it is a digital tool that will help your business streamline workflows, standardize processes, and solve logistics problems by doing away with paper inspection records and saving your data in the cloud. You can do all this and more using a single mobile app.

Conduct Safety Inductions Remotely

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is ideal for conducting safety inductions remotely due to its automated syncing. Team leaders get real-time feedback on what’s happening in the field, allowing them to give better instructions to the members of their team. They can also create and schedule safety inductions for field workers to conduct on their own if they aren’t available.

Learn How to Comply with Safety

By providing employees with the tools and training they need to meet safety regulations, HSE managers lessen the chances of an incident occurring. iAuditor is an all-in-one safety platform where employees can learn about, act on, and contribute to safety. SafetyCulture also has a massive public library full of pre-made templates that are free to download as well as quick tips and comprehensive guides on safety.

Create a Safety Culture Together

While the purpose of a safety induction is to let new field workers know about the site’s safety procedures and protocols, the real end result of safety induction should be an inclusive and welcoming safety culture. iAuditor can help reach this goal with team-oriented features such as collaborative actions, issue capturing, and user management. Using its intuitive, chat-style interface, working together to enforce safety becomes easy.

How iAuditor Helps Train New Employees to Work Safely

Safety needs to be taken seriously because the consequences of not doing so may cost time, money, and even lives. While some may be skeptical as to the necessity of a safety induction software, using it to augment face-to-face or video training doesn’t hurt. In fact, it can be a low-cost and worthwhile investment.

What Does Safety Induction Look Like Without Software?

Conducting safety inductions face-to-face can lead to miscommunication and less clarification on the organization’s safety policies since new field workers may be hesitant to raise questions in the presence of others. While this is understandable given the usual first-day jitters, it can grow into an uncomfortable knowledge gap that also reduces their efficiency as employees.

On the other hand, conducting safety inductions through video is more convenient for both employees and their supervisors. However, the downside of video safety inductions is that there is a high likelihood of a technical difficulty emerging. Though these disruptions can be minimized by choosing a reliable video sharing platform and ensuring that everyone has a strong internet connection, video safety inductions still lack the monitoring capabilities of software.

How Any Business Can Benefit from Safety Induction Software

While the construction industry will benefit the most from using safety induction software, businesses in other industries can benefit too. Even in a relatively low-risk working environment, safety should not be ignored or taken for granted. After all, it is better to prevent incidents than deal with the aftermath. In most countries, employers are also legally required to provide safe working environments for their employees. 

With safety induction software like iAuditor, businesses can download pre-made safety plans and customize them to fit their needs. Aside from its flexibility, iAuditor is also known for being incredibly user-friendly and easy to implement. Businesses can also ask for additional features if they see an opportunity for iAuditor to be better.

Safety Induction Software and the Bigger Picture 

An unsuccessful safety induction or an employee’s bad experience with it may result in them purposely neglecting or not realizing the importance of safety. While this obviously has repercussions on their safety, it affects the overall performance of the organization as well. Incidents may not be isolated to that employee and could involve multiple people whose work is essential for operations to continue. 

Even if no incidents occur, unsuccessful safety inductions may diminish the impact of the organization’s other safety initiatives. One possible outcome is lowered employee morale and trust in the organization, culminating in mass resignation.

To avoid this future, HSE managers can start setting up or strengthening their safety infrastructure using software. By having a steady base on which to launch other projects, HSE managers are effectively fool-proofing their safety system, so that no matter what happens, there’s always something to go back to and land on.

Moving Forward: What to do After Using Safety Induction Software

Safety is not a one-time thing. Though it can be tempting to just conduct a safety induction and not discuss safety ever again, this defeats the purpose of a safety induction, because if an organization isn’t serious about safety, why should their employees be? 

To truly reap the benefits of safety inductions, organizations have to commit to practicing safety on a daily basis and not only when the safety inspector is around. Safety inductions shouldn’t be the end of the conversation, but merely the beginning. By performing regular inspections, checks, and audits, managers fulfill the promise they made to workers to keep them safe.

Empower Everyone to Be Safe with iAuditor

With face-to-face safety inductions no longer an option for most employers, the need for an efficient, easy-to-use software is growing. The benefit of choosing iAuditor for your safety induction software is that it can facilitate the entire journey. Allow iAuditor to guide you as you take the first step towards building a culture of safety. 

iAuditor Safety Induction Software Features

  • Smart Checklists

    Create unlimited smart checklists and convert your existing paper forms to digital checklists.

  • Collaborative Actions

    Assign collaborative actions from anywhere, at any time with the iAuditor Safety Induction Software.

  • Fast Reporting

    Detailed induction reports help issues get solved quicker.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your data into actionable insights.

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor with business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate the boring stuff—from scheduling to report delivery.

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