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Cloud-based and paperless safety app

The Best Safety Inspection App: iAuditor

Spend less time on paperwork and more time improving safety

Workplace safety apps are used by safety officers, supervisors and frontline workers to conduct safety audits, identify hazards, and report on corrective actions. A safety inspection app should be easy to use, capture detailed photo evidence, and be flexible enough to customize for different workplace environments.

Audit app
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Mobile Safety Inspection App

Perform safety audits on your handheld device. Works on all iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Cut your safety inspection times in half. Take unlimited photos and draw annotations.

Instant Safety Inspection Reports

Instantly generate comprehensive PDF and online safety audit reports. Complete your safety reporting without leaving the site. Add company logos and branding to your reports.

View Performance and Trends

Powerful online analytics dashboards summarizing all data captured. Get visibility on frequently failing safety hazards (e.g. slips and trips, PPE damage). Capture safety performance scores and track how teams & sites perform over time

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Why Choose a Safety Inspection App?

Using safety inspection apps can save significant time by streamlining the gathering of data and preparation of reports. When easy to use, safety inspection apps can actually encourage more proactive safety reporting. More time can be spent on improving safety and fixing problems and less on unproductive recordkeeping.


What is iAuditor and how can I use it as my Safety Inspection App?

iAuditor is the world’s #1 safety inspection app and is used by workplaces across the world to perform paperless inspections and improve workplace safety. iAuditor digitizes your paper safety checklists into a powerful mobile app accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The iAuditor app lets you take unlimited photos, draw annotations, capture electronic signatures, and generate comprehensive reports on the spot. All data is securely saved in the cloud. Learn more about businesses across all industries around the world are using iAuditor as their #1 safety inspection app:

iAuditor Safety App Additional Features

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