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Vehicle Inspection App & Software: iAuditor

Upgrade your inspection process with a vehicle inspection app

Vehicle inspection apps are convenient tools that fleet managers and business owners can use to (1) help maintain their vehicles’ roadworthiness through regular inspections, (2) promote the safety of their drivers and customers by clearly identifying vehicle issues and taking immediate action, and (3) remind all of their inspectors to complete vehicle checks with the aid of scheduled notifications.
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Get everyone on the same paperless page.
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Available on iOS, Android and Web
Gather inspection data with facility management software

Perform inspections with our vehicle inspection mobile app

Get rid of paper forms and checklists with iAuditor’s digital inspection templates. Conveniently perform vehicle inspections using your phone or tablet even if you’re offline. Double entries and physical storage is no longer a problem. iAuditor automatically generates reports and saves your data via unlimited cloud storage for easy access.

Visualized data with iAuditor Audit Management Software

Real-time fleet visibility

Get real-time updates when vehicle inspections are completed. The powerful analytics dashboard on our web platform visualizes inspection data which helps you spot trends so you can resolve issues before they get out of hand.

Build an automated workflow with your facility management software

Comprehensive reports generated with our vehicle inspection software

No more manual data entries to complete reports. After you finish your vehicle inspection, you can immediately generate a detailed report in multiple formats. Set automatic sharing on so appropriate personnel will immediately receive reports upon inspection completion and nothing is missed.

Why use a Vehicle Inspection App?

Keeping vehicles roadworthy and reducing downtime are critical in the efficient operation of transport and fleet management companies. Fleet managers need constant visibility on vehicle repair work being performed as well as effective inspection and reporting tools.

Finding the right vehicle inspection software requires a tool that can both capture and present the right inspection data and be simple enough for a field team to learn and adopt.

5 Ways iAuditor vehicle inspection software can help Improve Inspections:

Go completely paperless

Conduct all vehicle inspections using iAuditor on your mobile device and access all of your checklists and inspection templates with the app. No more paper checklists that can get lost or damaged. Instantly capture the information you need with iAuditor and generate reports that you can easily share. You can upload a CSV file of your VIN and license numbers and these can be used as easy reference during inspections.

Take pictures and annotate them to easily identify issues

Want to take a picture of a flat tire? Need to explain a battery problem? Found scratches on a vehicle? With iAuditor as your vehicle check app you can take pictures during inspections. Annotate on images to describe a battery issue, use arrows to show where the scratches are, or encircle tires that need to be replaced ASAP.

Easy access to multiple forms

We have pre-made templates for heavy vehicle inspections, scheduling daily vehicle checks, facilitating driver training assessments, and vehicle accident reports so you cover all aspects of your operation without the hassle. 

Never miss another inspection

iAuditor has a scheduling feature that you can use to remind you (or your colleagues) of inspections to be conducted. Schedule one-time or recurring audits and receive notifications for those inspections. You’ll be able to see the date and time of future inspections and check which scheduled inspections may have been missed.

Access more than one device

With iAuditor, you can use up to three devices using just one login and it supports iOS and Android devices so you can conduct inspections on-the-go using your phone or tablet. 

iAuditor Vehicle Inspection App

iAuditor Vehicle Inspection App used to keep maintenance logs

Can I try iAuditor vehicle inspection software for FREE?

Yes, you can. Use iAuditor for free and have the option to upgrade to our premium plan where you gain access to even more features that help you streamline your operation. 

iAuditor Vehicle Inspection App Additional Features

  • 100k+ Checklists, Forms, and Templates downloadable for FREE

    Free access to over 100,000 templates from industries created and uploaded by industry experts all over the world.

  • Conduct inspections even while offline

    Conduct and complete inspections with iAuditor even if your device is offline. Once your device is back online, you can sync all of your inspections and share your reports electronically.

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