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Proactively maintain correct temperature levels to avoid product recalls and rejects, fines, and penalties

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Published 26 Nov 2021

What is a Temperature Log?

A temperature log is a documentation of temperatures for temperature-sensitive items and locations, such as food, equipment, data center, and medical storage areas, to ensure that they are maintained within safe temperature ranges. Failure to maintain proper temperature levels can result in legal disputes, fines, penalties and steep losses.


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What is the importance of Temperature Log Sheets?

Temperature log sheets are essential quality assurance tools that help provide managers of the cold chain or temperature-controlled facilities precise, historical data they need to to understand how they can improve their temperature management process and ultimately protect the quality of their assets.

Further, well-documented temperature logs can help companies exhibit a high level of control in case of disputes as they serve as discoverable legal evidence in the court of law. The recorded temperature readings, the exact time of recording, the corrective actions – these all can help prove due diligence and show that they took all reasonable precautions to prevent the offence.

How are temperature logs measured?

Temperature logging can be done in two ways: the manual and automated methods.

Manual Temperature Logs

The manual temperature logging system uses printed temperature log sheets, which are used to note and gather readings from a specific location at a scheduled inspection time. An assigned personnel will have to stop what he is doing to ensure accuracy in temperature monitoring. These temperature record sheets are then consolidated and data are manually registered into a central system.

Automated Temperature Logs

Automated temperature logs can involve the combined use of digital checklists and devices that provide real-time temperature readings from various remote locations. This system allows for easy visual documentation, automatic generation of reports, and setting of trigger alarms based on set temperature parameters. Data and auto-generated reports are stored and in a centralized cloud-based monitoring system.

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How are temperature logs used in different industries?

Several industries rely on consistent temperature monitoring to keep the integrity of products or maintain the optimal functionality of equipment and facilities. Whether it is in food processing, medical, or IT, temperature logs provide clear evidence of temperature and time. Without them, Poor temperature monitoring can lead to the following consequences for these industries:


Food that is improperly stored and prepared beyond temperature thresholds is a food safety risk. These conditions can advance pathogen growth and increase the risk of spoilage. The availability of temperature logs help prevent rejections or recalls, which further helps the company avoid steep losses and potential business closure.


Maintaining proper temperature levels is crucial in medical care. It is also crucial in demonstrating compliance to standards set by the CDC, FDA, HACCP, and State Boards of Pharmacy. Incorrect temperature of medical storage areas containing medications or vaccines can result in drug degradation which weakens or compromises drug effects to users. Pharmaceutical products that are not kept within their safe temperature range during shipment can become life threatening and will be recalled.

Infection Prevention and Control

Because of COVID-19, recording visitor or staff temperature logs has become vital in commercial establishments and workplaces as it is key to help create a strong foundation for contact tracing.

Transport and Logistics

Unsold perishable goods will be disposed of if they are not stored with the right storage temperature during transit. Food and pharmaceutical industries rely on temperature controlled logistics or cold chain to maintain the integrity of their products.

Information Technology

Unmaintained room temperature of server rooms can lead to server crash, halting business operations. With automated temperature logs, they are able to prevent these as IT facility managers receive automated alerts when thresholds are breached in a data center or server room.

Employee Temperature Log Sheet

New and evolving health risks in the workplace brought about new tools to help maintain the safety of employees. Temperature log sheets help employees keep track of their own body temperature and contribute to maintaining a favorable work environment in the face of evolving health and safety risks.

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Temperature Monitoring Tool

Monitoring and maintaining the ideal temperature is crucial for the operation and success of many industries. iAuditor by SafetyCulture, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help inspectors and staff consistently perform temperature monitoring.

Convenient mobile inspection app

  • Handy inspection tool available on Android, iPhone, or iPad
  • Easily create and customize digital temperature log templates.
  • Record or take photos of temperature readings and the immediate environment
  • Connect it to Sensors so you can remotely capture temperature readings and monitor them within a single device

Do not miss another routine temperature check

  • iAuditor’s scheduling feature ensures that employees are reminded when temperature logs are due.
  • Be notified when scheduled inspections are missed.

Monitor assigned tasks

Should there be an equipment breakdown due to temperature threshold breach,  immediately assign action for repair or maintenance and receive real-time status updates.

Cloud-based documentation of temperature logs

  • Worry less about losing important temperature log sheets.
  • Share iAuditor reports that are automatically organized and saved in the cloud – important for providing proof of record-keeping if aiming for any type of certification or proving due diligence.
  • Review collected temperature logs anytime anywhere on your mobile or computer.

Automatically monitor the temperature in real-time. Learn more about Temperature Monitoring Sensors by SafetyCulture.

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SafetyCulture staff writer

SafetyCulture staff writer

Erick Brent Francisco

Erick Brent Francisco is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture since 2018. As a content specialist, he is interested in learning and sharing how technology can improve work processes and workplace safety. His experience in logistics, banking and financial services, and retail helps enrich the quality of information in his articles.

Erick Brent Francisco is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture since 2018. As a content specialist, he is interested in learning and sharing how technology can improve work processes and workplace safety. His experience in logistics, banking and financial services, and retail helps enrich the quality of information in his articles.