Why today’s top brands trust us for their safety and quality inspections

Teams use iAuditor to improve their workplaces, one inspection at a time

Explore how South African-based fleet services and management company TaaSA have reaped the benefits and grown a ‘safety culture’ through iAuditor.

Learn how Link Contracting reduced insurance premiums and harnessed the power of data with iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Cooking up a storm at scale is a serious logistical challenge. Here's how The Dinner Ladies remain true to their roots while building a culinary empire.

Accor Hotel

Discover how Accor delivered 5-star service while staying COVID-safe with iAuditor.

How drilling and geotechnical industry experts Equipe Group dig deep with iAuditor

See how the Fontana Unified School District secured a safe, confident return to education with iAuditor.

How Hamwic Education Trust is driving accountability and compliance across multiple school sites to keep staff and students safe.

G1 Group

How the Scotsman Hospitality Group leveraged iAuditor to transform venue standards and free up time to focus on what’s most important to the business: their guests

How SpaMedica used digital checklists and sensors to deliver high-quality eye care to their patients

See how MFG used digital checklists to keep their 900 fuel stations stay COVID-19 safe

See how Snooze Eatery used iAuditor checklists to build up a culture of safety, consistency, and quality as they navigate their way through the global pandemic and beyond.

It can be hard to ensure consistency across hundreds of retail groups. It can be even harder – and more important – during a public health crisis. Find out how Luxottica used SafetyCulture’s iAuditor to do that and more.

See how FootAsylum, a footwear brand in the UK used iAuditor digital checklists as the pandemic unfolded, leaving their staff in capable hands to manage operations

See how grocery wholesaler Statewide Independent Wholesalers acted at lightning speed to protect their 400 staff and thousands of customers with iAuditor during COVID-19.

National Storage provides storage solutions for commercial and residential customers. See how they created a culture of safety during COVID-19 by putting in place safety standards for their staff and customers.

RFP360 is a software company working with organizations all over the world to simplify, digitize, and control the RFP and RFI process. They used iAuditor when reopening their offices after COVID-19 shut-downs, and we caught up with them to learn about their experience on returning safely back to business.

Queensland State Emergency Service (SES)

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) uses iAuditor to make sure that they have all the equipment they need, in working order, to keep their community safe.

How Marley Spoon raises the bar on food quality and customer satisfaction by using insights from iAuditor at every step of the meal delivery supply chain.

BOS uses iAuditor to address corrective and preventative actions

A liquid solids separation organization in oil and gas, BOS Solutions, lacked safety and quality data to prove compliance and make business decisions. Using iAuditor, they improved their data health by standardizing and digitizing inspections.


Craig Lennie's career progression is diverse, to say the least. Before coming on board as the Quality Assurance Manager for Gason, he ran his own business in the retail sector and was even an Officer in the Royal Air Force. Through all these different roles he’s learned one important thing: quality must always come first.

Forward-thinking leaders in one of America's largest roofing companies needed a better way to efficiently manage teams working on dangerous projects across the United States. The solution changed corporate culture from the bottom up.

Kiwi Rail manage rail infrastructure from one end of New Zealand to the other. That’s a massive undertaking in such mountainous landscape. When earthquakes strike and wipe out vast stretches of rail and road, that’s when the team at Kiwi Rail really shines!

JD Sports is the United Kingdom’s leading sports retailer and uses iAuditor to monitor stock loss, to track trends, and to maintain brand standards in stores.

SYD Fest

Prototyping what a COVID-normal festival looks like requires tenacity, agility and imagination. In 2021, this ever-innovative festival showed all three in spades, overcoming uncertainty to treat Sydneysiders to one of the first large-scale events of the year.

VROON manages vessel inspections across a fleet of 170 vessels with iAuditor.


Pochin uses iAuditor to upkeep and manage the health and safety on their sites.

National Grid uses iAuditor's powerful integration with PowerBI to improve system performance. A centralised source of data helps National Grid make daily informed business decisions.

Get a sneak peak at how iAuditor is used to keep cricket events running smoothly and manage risk

Eliminating 8,000 pieces of paper per year was just one benefit Valley Leisure Fitness saw from digitizing their audits.

NA Group Civil and Road Construction depends on iAuditor to keep their projects on time.

Sunshine Cranes

Donald Kempf, owner of Sunshine Crane Repairs, cuts down on reporting time in order to spend more time with his family.

MTSI Card Banner

MTSI streamlined their auditing process for a 50% reduction in onsite auditing time.

Lowe's starting using iAuditor for loss prevention but soon adopted it in many areas of their retail stores.

Auditing time on site is reduced by 30% for Ausgrid.

Cathay Pacific manages aviation regulations thanks to iAuditor.

Coles tracks food safety and quality across 760 stores with iAuditor.

Waldorf Astoria maintains their luxury brand with iAuditor.

Goldcorp increased auditing frequency by 8 times thanks to iAuditor.

E Light Electric tracks safety compliance and quality assurance with iAuditor.

Start with digitizing safety audits. End with digitizing your whole business.

This leading inventory fulfillment company tracks safety and project progress with digital audits.

Learn how this leading transport company inspects vehicles and mechanics shops with iAuditor.

How this leading airport conducts safety inspections while reducing paper.

Level 10 uses iAuditor to manage safety and quality control.

Schneider Electric cut audit reporting time by 80% with iAuditor.

Infocus specializes in providing food safety management systems for aged care facilities. They use iAuditor to conduct internal kitchen audits and to train staff.

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