Build your operations ecosystem with iAuditor

Connect your teams’ favorite tools and streamline your everyday.

Visualize and compare your data

Blend any and all of your operational data to extract decision-making insights.

Provide seamless and secured access

Avoid app fatigue through an organisation login experience using SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).

Automate manual tasks

Streamline your team's efforts using workflows supported by Zapier and Power Automate.

Create customized solutions

Utilize iAuditor's public APIs to support your custom integrations and industry-leading tools.

Assess your field and operational data all in one place

  • Analyze your iAuditor data in PowerBI or Tableau.
  • Ingest and process iAuditor information in your preferred BI tool or data warehouse.
  • Bulk export data to your favorite spreadsheet tool.

Seamless and secured access for your teams

  • Ensure seamless access for all your team members with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.
  • Let the system work for you: manage users and groups through your company’s Active Directory.

Remove the friction of tedious manual tasks

  • Export reports directly in your document storage solution.
  • Never miss an update and complete Actions in your favorite application using two-way sync.
  • All of the above workflows are powered by third-party connectors Zapier and Power Automate.
  • View and start scheduled inspections from your calendar.



The sky's the limit with customized solutions

  • Maximize your speed by prefilling important inspection fields like asset information, employee data, and site details.
  • Collect the correct information, on time,  by pre-assigning inspections to your team members.
  • Link it up! Embed links to iAuditor in your team’s core tools so that they can start the right inspection.
  • Automatically sync iAuditor inspections with your construction projects in Procore.

Amanda Krauth, Digital Transformation

"The iAuditor and Tableau integration took less than a minute to connect to our data. Normally this type of integration takes hours. We are now able to view the audit scores, results, and insights in real-time, which is a huge benefit to the company enabling us to make fast decisions."

Chris Walsh, Senior Technical Analyst

“The iAuditor API has allowed us to perform bulk actions with ease. We have been able to extract images, bulk archive, and even create hundreds of pre-populated inspections in a responsive manner. The use of scripting ensures that the process is flexible, simple and reproducible.”

Patrick Imbault, IT Expert

"The API has revolutionized the way we conduct Inspections in iAuditor, allowing 
us to develop mechanisms and tools to auto-generate Inspections from templates, pre-fill fields in the Inspection, and pre-assign to the right inspector. The API has been useful and saves us at least 20 man-days a year, but above all, we avoid 
any manual error of re-entry."

Want to connect iAuditor to your favorite apps?

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