Issues & Observations

Spot issues before they arise

Empower your whole team to raise observations

Make your frontline your eyes and ears on the ground. With an intuitive, chat-style interface that looks like any other messaging app, your whole team can capture and share when things don’t look right – or when someone has done an outstanding job.

Capture key information as soon as it happens

See something, do something about it. Help your team share the warning signs, so that you can tackle issues before they get out of hand. Get real time visibility into what’s happening on the ground, complete with evidence and automatic notifications to the relevant stakeholders, and help guide your team to resolution.

Alert the right people, right away

Stop issues getting buried in your inbox, or slowly filling a hidden spreadsheet. Empower the people who need to know to take action fast with real-time mobile notifications, email, and/or SMS alerts.

Achieve peace of mind with a full record system

With your inspections, issue, and action information securely stored in one safe spot, all of your compliance information is available at your fingertips.


Nope. Create a free team of up to 10 people, and you can log, track, and resolve as many issues or observations as you need to without paying.

You can share the issue report with anyone outside iAuditor! At the moment, they won’t be able to collaborate, but we’re working on how we can make this possible, while making sure your sensitive information remains safe. Security is paramount for you and for us.

You can! Learn how to assign permissions to only users or groups that require access to issues or observations.

Learn to use issues & observations

Visit our issues & observations resources in the knowledge library to set yourself up for flawless information capture.