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Monitor real-time environmental changes with our range of sensor solutions. Implement automatic alerts when conditions go outside set ranges and create follow-up actions to protect your valuable assets - such as stock and inventory.

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Enhance your operations with real time tracking and monitoring

Our Sensors and weather solutions help you enhance your operations with real time tracking and monitoring of your assets or environments - allowing you to sense and respond before it’s too late.
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Explore our range of devices to suit your environmental needs. Purchase through us and we’ll help you get set up and get connected in minutes!

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Set up critical alerts and automate your checks

Set up your workflows, implement critical alert limits and ensure you have peace of mind that you can take action when it matters.

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Set critical alerts for local weather

Connect local weather and set your own critical thresholds to alert your team when they need to take action.

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Sense and respond

Act quickly based on connected tools that monitor real-time changes to temperature, humidity and weather so you can set up critical alerts and inform your team of changes from anywhere.

Set up what matters to you

Define your own critical ranges so your sensors can alert when things aren’t right. Set up notifications that trigger as soon as the sensor detects changes that are out of the normal range for peace of mind, all the time.

See how others are getting value from SafetyCulture (iAuditor) monitoring

See how the meal kit distributor protects $200,000 to $300,000 worth of food daily and uses data insights to reduce the risk for both our customers and the company.
Marley Spoon – Building a data driven food safety and inspection operation
“We have visibility into everything because of the data we capture in SafetyCulture platform. If there’s a threshold exception or process that needs improving, all we have to do is drill down and we’ll find it.”

- Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

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See how we’ve helped The Dinner Ladies to improve their operations, get real time alerts and reduce the risk of waste in their state of the art cool rooms.
The Dinner Ladies
"[Working with SafetyCulture] means we can up production and make the quality of our food better so we don’t have to spend so much time chasing paper."

- Katherine Westwood, Co-Owner

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With the SafetyCulture sensors and SafetyCulture (iAuditor) solution, SpaMedica was able to monitor outages and temperature changes, across all their hospitals, eliminated the risk of losing more than £50,000 worth of medication.
“The reliability is definitely a factor. Plus, there is no I.T. support required for this… it really helps take the weight off the shoulders of all our teams. It’s also great for auditing purposes when we get inspected by official governing bodies."

- Austin Hankinson, Fleet and Facilities Assistant

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