Protect Your Assets and Business with Monitoring Sensors

Take advantage of cutting-edge sensor solutions to easily monitor valuable assets, receive critical alerts, take decisive actions, and report urgent issues—all from your mobile.

tracking temperature-sensitive assets with monitoring sensors

Enhance your operations with real-time Monitoring Sensor devices

Our sensors and weather solutions are specifically designed to help you achieve maximum performance in your operations. With real-time tracking and monitoring of your assets and environment, you can detect any changes and respond immediately before it’s too late.

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Monitor temperature conditions, track environmental changes, and automate weather feeds with a seamless solution

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Set up critical alerts and empower your team to act

Establish workflows, connect to local weather updates, and define your own critical ranges. Act quickly based on connected tools that monitor real-time changes to temperature, humidity, and weather so you can set up critical alerts and inform your team of changes from anywhere. With these industrial monitoring sensors, have peace of mind knowing you can take action when it matters.

safetyculture monitoring dashboard

Document data readings in one, secure location

Automatically store temperature readings, data on environmental changes, identified sensor triggers, and other relevant information, in one safe place. Promote data visibility and easy compliance reporting with the SafetyCulture platform.

maintaining asset temperature with monitoring sensors

Buy and deploy Monitoring Sensors through us

Explore our range of devices and wireless sensors to suit your environmental needs. Whether you are looking to oversee environmental conditions for efficient warehouse management, revolutionize agriculture practices with smart farming, or monitor equipment and machinery for improved manufacturing operations, among many other industry use cases, we got you covered. Purchase through us and we’ll help you set up and get connected in minutes!

SafetyCulture Sensors’ industry use cases

Discover how SafetyCulture’s Monitoring Sensors function in different industrial systems.

manufacturing monitoring


Set control points for your desired temperature and humidity range and automate alerts to inform manufacturing engineers when thresholds are breached.

facility monitoring


Have peace of mind with automated temperature monitoring, notify facility managers when limits are breached, and digitize audit trails for improved traceability and compliance.

medical monitoring


Gain accurate medical temperature readings, receive  instant alerts when conditions deviate from set requirements, and ensure regulatory compliance in healthcare institutions.

temperature monitoring


Get timely and accurate temperature readings 24/7, be alerted when temperatures exceed optimal parameters, and respond to incidents immediately to avoid losses. 

food safety monitoring

Food Safety 

Elevate food quality and ensure customer satisfaction with a precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions.

weather monitoring


Integrate with SafetyCulture’s weather feeds to instantly access real-time weather information and utilize this data to promptly alert your team whenever immediate action is required.

See how others are getting value from SafetyCulture’s Monitoring Sensors

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See how the meal kit distributor protects $200,000 to $300,000 worth of food daily and uses data insights to reduce the risk for both their customers and the company.

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“We have visibility into everything because of the data we capture in SafetyCulture platform. If there’s a threshold exception or process that needs improving, all we have to do is drill down and we’ll find it.”

– Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

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See how we’ve helped The Dinner Ladies to improve their operations, get real-time alerts and reduce the risk of waste in their state-of-the-art cool rooms.

The Dinner Ladies

“[Working with SafetyCulture] means we can up production and make the quality of our food better so we don’t have to spend so much time chasing paper.”

– Katherine Westwood, Co-Owner

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With the SafetyCulture sensors and SafetyCulture solution, SpaMedica was able to monitor outages and temperature changes, across all their hospitals, eliminating the risk of losing more than £50,000 worth of medication.


“The reliability is definitely a factor. Plus, there is no I.T. support required for this… it really helps take the weight off the shoulders of all our teams. It’s also great for auditing purposes when we get inspected by official governing bodies.”

– Austin Hankinson, Fleet and Facilities Assistant

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FAQs about Sensor Monitoring System

A sensor monitoring system is a technology-driven solution that is designed to collect, analyze, and interpret data from various sensors that are placed strategically in different locations or connected to different equipment. They are used to track and measure specific parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, motion, light, and many others. A sensor monitoring system enables teams to efficiently monitor conditions on sites in real-time. 

Sensors are used to collect data about the physical environment of the area in which they are strategically placed in. Details such as the status of temperature, humidity, and pressure, among others, are sent to a central monitoring system, which then analyzes the information and alerts users if the parameters veer off the predetermined range. Monitoring systems typically involve the use of one or more sensors, paired with software or a digital solution to display the data.

Many monitoring sensors can be accessed remotely, enabling users to view data and get notifications instantly on their computers or mobile devices. Remote monitoring solutions are especially useful for industries and applications where constant monitoring is required, such as in medical, food and beverage, and industrial settings.

Yes, there are wireless sensors available for monitoring various parameters. Wireless sensors offer the convenience of eliminating the need for wired connections, allowing for flexible placement and easy installation. Monitoring sensors can be both wired and wireless, the option of which to use heavily depends on organizations and their specific needs.

When choosing a monitoring sensor system, it is important to consider factors such as accessibility, accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and cost. You should also consider customizability so that it caters to specific requirements or features that are important for business and intended use.

Employing the use of monitoring sensors provide organizations with real-time data and proactive alerts which enable them to promptly detect hazards, thus significantly enhancing workplace safety. Monitoring systems also help in identifying abnormalities when it comes to industries where specific environmental conditions are critical.

High-quality sensors that are properly calibrated and maintained tend to provide accurate and reliable measurements. However, it is important to note that no sensor is entirely free from potential errors or limitations. To ensure accuracy and reliability, it is recommended to select reputable sensor manufacturers, follow proper installation procedures, perform regular calibrations, and conduct routine maintenance checks.

Monitoring sensors for asset tracking and inventory management provide businesses with a lot of advantages. Aside from improved visibility of valuable assets and their location, monitoring sensors also automates asset and inventory tracking for better operational efficiency. By leveraging these benefits, businesses can optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance their competitive edge in the market.

The most commonly used types of monitoring sensors include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, chemical and gas sensors, water quality sensors, and weather monitoring sensors. There are a lot more types of sensors available in the market which caters to the specific needs of each business.

The range of monitoring sensors that SafetyCulture offers includes devices such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, weather sensors, and gas and pressure sensors.