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Partner Program

Join the SafetyCulture Partner Program and get all of the business and software support you need to become the service your clients rely on.

What is the SafetyCulture Partner Program?

The SafetyCulture Partner Program is an exciting collaboration initiative where we join forces with consultancies, technology companies, and service providers. We work with experts who can help teams do more than just tick the boxes for governance, risk, and compliance – they also raise the bar when it comes to health, safety, and operational excellence.

Partners gain access to a range of valuable benefits, including specialized training, comprehensive resources, and cutting-edge tools designed to elevate your professional practices. 

We are better together

Our Partner Program is built on the knowledge that it is difficult to improve workplace operations and learning outcomes without the help of experts, like yourself. 

While our operations technology is world class, the best outcomes are built together with your expertise. Clients need to know how to use our systems and understand what improvement should look like in their industry. Of course, we’ll help you every step of the way. 

Help clients. Grow your business.

SafetyCulture will provide Partners with the knowledge to use our services and the continuous support you need to deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients. Whether your aim is to improve standards, expand your services, or win new clients.

After all, when the end-customer is taken care of, great things follow. 

Our services

The SafetyCulture platform unlocks the power of observation at scale, giving leaders visibility and workers a voice in driving quality, efficiency, and safety improvements. More than 70,000 customers use our operations platform to perform checks, train staff, report issues, and automate tasks. In doing so, we drive processes that help businesses get better every day.

EdApp by SafetyCulture is quickly becoming the world’s most loved mobile training platform. With a mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere. Simple, smart learning. 

SHEQSY by SafetyCulture is the lone worker platform that safeguards mobile workforces and makes lone worker safety easy. Simply deployed as a cloud-based app on iOS and Android smartphones, SHEQSY provides an innovative and intuitive lone worker safety platform with no upfront hardware or setup costs. 

Are you a good fit?

The first question we need to ask is, are we better for your clients together?
Your services + our services.
The Partner Program is designed to scale from the ground up; for individuals, consultants, service providers, and other technology companies. To help your clients and grow your business. Even simple services and integrations can provide valuable results for end-customers.

We are a good fit if your business provides:

Operational excellence, continuous improvement, workforce transformation, learning, safety, OHS,and sustainability consulting

Deep industry expertise such as within manufacturing, retail, hospitality, natural resources, construction, logistics or facilities

Leading content, business standards or innovative technology which would be of use to our customers

Partner Program plans

With 70,000 organizations that use our platform every day, the Partner Program offers a range of engagement models to grow your business.

Best of all, it’s free!

We offer a range of financial and non-financial benefits, with an array of marketing collateral, premium support, and other unique benefits. What sets us apart, is your rewards are there for the long term. Just like us. 

Partner TypeSummaryBenefits
ReferrerOur most popular business partner relationship, where we come together to combine our technology with your business, providing the right solutions for your clients.We know that clients need deep industry expertise and technology to succeed. Leverage off our world-class support and processes to earn significant revenues by introducing our software to your clients. We will provide co-sell resources and help you every step of the way.
Solution Partner / ResellerPurchase our products directly from us and bundle them as a complimentary package with products and services you provide to your clients.Do you have your own world class services and support? We can work with you on enterprise deals to provide volume-based pricing that gives you instant scale. 
ServicesA business that offers services to our customer base eg. onboarding, customer success, integrationsTalk to a partner specialist
AlliancesIf you have specialist expertise that our customers could benefit from, or if you have your own customer base who could benefit from one of our products, reach out and let’s discuss an alliance on how we can lift standards together.Talk to a partner specialist

What partners have to say

When you join our Partner Program, you are joining a positive community of consultants and service providers that are making the world a better place. See what some of our partners have to say about the program.

“Having the option to augment our consulting and transformation services with both SafetyCulture and EdApp is helping us meet our client’s workforce development challenges in innovative and meaningful ways. Working with such a passionate, committed and responsive team at SafetyCulture is an added bonus we’re experiencing as our partnership deepens”

Ben Keher
Managing Director

“SafetyCulture is a critical component of our consultancy engagements in New Caledonia and more recently we have started using EdApp for our clients with great success. We have found a lot of value in the benefits of the Partner Program and the customer service we have received from the Partnerships Team has been exceptional. We look forward to growing our business and helping more of our customers through the partnership with SafetyCulture”

Nicolas Frick

Join the Partner Program

Are you ready to lift standards for clients and accelerate growth for your business? We are too. We can’t wait to hear what success means to you

Frequently asked questions

Of course you will have questions. Here are some of the main ones that come up from our Partners, before joining our Partner Program.

To start with, we look for a minimum level of experience and sound knowledge around one of our technology solutions, such as SafetyCulture (iAuditor) or EdApp. We then like to understand your industry expertise and how we can work together to provide stronger client outcomes.

If you don’t yet have experience with our solutions, we suggest you first sign up for a free account and introduce them into a live environment.

If you believe our business offerings are a good fit for each other, send us an enquiry. We will get in touch to discuss in further detail and determine what our partnership could look like. Once we both agree that there is value in entering into a partnership, we will send you our partnership agreement to sign, kicking off our partnership journey.

Absolutely, some of our best performing partners are small consultancies.

A lot of customers can be implemented in just a few weeks, however, we typically allow for a 60 day implementation window.

Depending on the volume of sales, 5-25% is standard. In addition to commission, we also offer a range of benefits for your business.

We typically provide a Partner Account Manager for deals over 10 SafetyCulture (iAuditor) seats or 50 EdApp learners.

Yes, of course! Successful referrals will be recognised against your partner profile and the more you sell the faster you can move up our partner tiers.

Yes, of course! EdApp is an excellent add-on for your typical SafetyCulture (iAuditor) deployment. Our customers find that they can uncover areas of improvement using SafetyCulture (iAuditor), and train out those new standards using EdApp.

There are numerous ways you can commercialise your IP, as long as you are looking to purchase a minimum of 10 SafetyCulture (iAuditor) seats or 50 EdApp learners, then one of our team will ready to help.