Automated temperature and humidity monitoring

Manage risk and stay in control.

Remove manual checks and reduce wastage with SafetyCulture’s affordable temperature and humidity sensors. When temperature or humidity goes out of a safe range, you’ll be alerted in iAuditor and via SMS or email.

Freezer 4

last read at 2/10/18, 9:15am
1.8 °C
1.2 °C
1.7 °C
0.9 °C

Protein Coolroom 1

last read at 2/10/18, 9:15am
3.7 °C

Automate your processes

Sensors can automate day-to-day tasks, removing human errors.

Stop stock loss

Sensors can stop stock loss associated with food stored outside of critical control points.

Achieve stress free compliance

Sensors can improve your compliance performance and digitize your records.

A solution that makes sense

Unprecedented visibility

Real-time and historical information across assets and sites

Incident prevention

Proactive and triggered alerts to the right people when something goes wrong

Greater compliance

More accurate and frequent readings taken and stored automatically

Time and effort savings

Automated logging, removing the need for manual data collection results in asset insights for more proactive maintenance

SafetyCulture’s sensors are already being used for

Food Safety

Server Rooms

Controlled Storage

Hospitality & Customer Comfort

Environmental Monitoring

Get started with a SafetyCulture Sensor Kit.

Remote Monitoring

24/7 remote monitoring through a web application in real-time.

Real-time data

Battery-powered sensors connect to the cloud to provide real-time data.

Setup in minutes

Our compact sensor can be installed and setup in minutes.

Phone alerts

Receive alerts to your phone when the temperature or humidity changes.

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3 simple steps to start monitoring

The control is in your hands. No need to be a technician to set it up.

Step 1

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Step 3


Setting up sensors is easy

Check out this video to see how to setup your sensors.

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“Our customers want peace of mind. We are making sensors accessible to every company, regardless of their size, because they allow for efficient and stress free operations.”

Luke Anear, CEO of SafetyCulture

From the makers of iAuditor, SafetyCulture is launching an exciting new sensor-based monitoring product.

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